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Home Theater System Audio Video Surround Sound Phoenix Peoria Scottsdale Arizona

Home Theaters & Surround Sound

Audio & Video Solutions

AZ Network Cabling offers many audio/video solutions for your business or organization. We service Phoenix, Peoria, Scottsdale, Chandler and all surrounding cities. Whether you need digital signage, projector installation, background music & sound masking for your office or restaurant, conference room audio visual presentation system, overhead paging for your warehouse or golf course or a complete home theater setup with full dolby surround sound, you have come to the right place. Call us today for a free consultation.

Meet the Security Platform

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Outdoor Music & Paging Solutions

We take pride in excellent workmanship and clean installations. Not many installers will go the extra mile to ensure that everything is as visually pleasing as it sounds. We believe that installing anything is an art and we have perfected it. No loose cable ends, no hanging wires, just pure perfection and we clean up after ourselves. Contact AZ Network Cabling today for a free consultation.

Digital Signage

We’re experts in efficient, cost-effective, well-designed digital signage installation and support. Whether your project entails a single screen in a single location or a geographically dispersed grid of multi-screen locations with a time-critical completion schedule, our network of audiovisual installation professionals enables us to execute any assignment regardless of scope, complexity or deadline. With access to the full spectrum of equipment and materials, we’re able to deliver the right solution at the right price on time and to the highest standards of quality and performance. Contact Phoenix Techforce today for a free consultation.

Projector Installation

Installing a projector into a conference room makes your presentations more effective. Project your PowerPoint slides for maximum visual effect on your audience. It’s hard to share a laptop with more than two people – this is where projection systems can help! An effective visual presentation will certainly help you communicate your ideas and help you land that next big contract. Contact Phoenix Techforce today for a free estimate.

AZ Network Cabling offers a full range of professional services for your new or used overhead projector. We can install new projector equipment that will provide you with the latest advances in technology or upgrade your existing system.

First, we will do a site survey to determine the best location of your projector, the type of projector needed and the projector screen. There are many choices from manual pull down screens to motorized screens that can be mounted either on a wall or flush with the ceiling. We provide a full service from projector and screen installation to running all necessary cables that will connect to your source such as a computer or media player.

  • Selecting and installing the right projector for your room and preferences

  • Select and install the proper projector screen (manual pull-down or motorized)

  • Connection to your video sources and audio system

  • Conceal all wiring service

Our skilled and professional experts will help you select the right projector. Considering your room and preferences is a start. We also consider audio, connection and wiring, and wiring for laptops or the internet.


Home Theater

Fully experience your music and movies.
Adding a surround sound system to your home is always a great entertainment option. You can easily create a theatre experience in your home by choosing the right sound and video system. But this is not the end of the job.

When you have bought the best surround sound system, it needs to be installed properly to get the most bang for your buck. For this reason, you should consider the service of a profes
sional installer. An improperly set up system will not give you the immersive movie theatre experience you are looking for.

All our technicians are highly skilled, and we ensure that you will get to experience the best installation service with us at affordable prices.


Contact AZ Network Cabling and start experiencing home theater like never before.

We are Arizona's No. 1 Audio/Video Solutions Provider 

CALL US TODAY AT 480-787-5555


Commercial Audio Paging Speakers Installation AZ Network Cabling Phoenix Peoria Scottsdale Arizona

Commercial Audio  Solutions 

That Deliver

Integrate Paging with background music
Hear sound the way it was intended to

High-Quality Equipment

AZ Network Cabling is your Audio Solutions Partner

Commercial Audio Paging Speakers Installation AZ Network Cabling Phoenix Peoria Scottsdale Arizona

Medical Offices
Do you want to add music or sound masking systems to protect privacy in your medical office? We have great solutions to address patient privacy. Call us today.

Commercial Audio Music Paging Speakers Installation AZ Network Cabling Phoenix Peoria Scottsdale Arizona

Expertly designed & installed audio & video distribution systems for your restaurant that will make your guests wanting to come back for more. 

Commercial Audio OverheadPaging Speakers Installation AZ Network Cabling Phoenix Peoria Scottsdale Arizona

Custom overhead paging & notification systems for your warehouse. Let us design a solution that will enhance your business operations and increase efficiency.

Commercial Audio Paging Speakers Golf CourseInstallation AZ Network Cabling Phoenix Peoria Scottsdale Arizona

Golf Courses
Expertly designed and installed outdoor music & paging solutions for golf courses. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.

Let us install a custom audio or video solution while you focus on running your business.

We’re experts in efficient, cost-effective, and well-designed audio and video solutions. Let us do what we do best while you focus on  running your business.

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