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AZ Network Cabling can protect your place of business with a state-of-the-art burglar alarm system. Today's alarm systems have multiple communication pathways, including internet & cellular in order to communicate with the central station and give you a piece of mind knowing that no matter what your alarm will not fail you. 

Meet the Security Platform

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Stop Worrying And Contact Us Today To Protect Your Business.

An intrusion alarm allows you to monitor your property when you are not there, keeping your property, products and other assets safe. Coupled with our video security and access control systems we can provide you a total security solution to protect your premises. Contact AZ Network Cabling today for a free consultation.

What is Perimeter Intrusion Detection?

It is the first line of defense against intrusions as it can sound a warning or illuminate intruders as soon as they step onto your property and you or your security team will be notified even before an intruder has broken into your building. This is achieved through special sensors including gate sensors, fence sensors, photoelectric beam, outdoor motion sensors, and many others. AZ Network Cabling uses only the best equipment with proven reliability.



Let our experts design a perimeter intrusion detection system for your property.

We are Arizona's No. 1 Alarm Company 

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PEACE OF MIND THAT COMES WITH THE RIGHT SECURITY SOLUTION Access Control System AZ Network Cabling Phoenix Peoria Scottsdale Arizona
circle-PhotoRoom.png-PhotoRoom.png Security Solution 

Powerful and Intuitive

Integrate your intrusion alarm with video and access control for a complete solution and easy management.
Manage multiple locations all from one App

Receive push alerts to your mobile device

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Add sensors, locations and manage any number of users easily using the customer portal.

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Wired or Wireless
Choice of wired or wireless alarm sensors depending on what works best for your business and cost effectiveness. 


Powerful Analytics
With powerful video business analytics you can be a step ahead. People counting, line-crossing, human and vehicle detection and more.

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With dual-path communication your alarm panel communicates using the internet & cellular for a connection that never goes down. 

Focus on Running Your Business, Not Worrying About Your Security Systems.

We proactively monitor your alarm systems to make sure they are always ready for the unexpected. If any repairs are needed, our technicians are standing by to be dispatched to your site. 

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