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Video Surveillance Solutions

When your goal is to keep customers, employees and property safe then look no further than AZ Network Cabling. Offering custom video security solutions in the greater Phoenix area, no matter what type of business you own, security cameras are a necessity. As there is no one size fits all, we customize every security camera system to meet your specific needs. We have been providing video surveillance solutions to our customers in Arizona for over a decade and have installed thousands of security cameras in many types of businesses including offices, retail stores, dispensaries, gas stations, warehouses, parking lots, child-care centers and many more. 

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Cloud Security Camera - Video Surveillance Installation - AZ Network Cabling - Phoenix Peoria Scottsdale Arizona

On-Premise vs Cloud Based Security Cameras

Our Cloud VS makes enterprise-level cloud surveillance accessible for virtually any-sized application or budget. Featuring an ultra-secure camera-to-cloud architecture, Alibi Cloud VS dramatically reduces your up-front hardware investment and maintenance requirements, saving you valuable time and money. Ideal for both business and residential applications, Alibi Cloud VS is remarkably scalable – and can easily support larger camera counts and multi-site projects.

Cloud security cameras are a great solution for many schools and childcare centers. You can easily share access to specific cameras with parents as needed and even charge extra for the added value so your system pays for itself over time.

Expert Consulting, Design & Installation Services

Here is a list of some of the security services that we provide in Phoenix and surrounding cities.

  • Consulting for Home, Business, and Government - We help customers design small, medium, and very large video surveillance systems.

  • New System Design & Installation - We take the time to understand your requirements to design the best system for you. We will professionally install your video security system and provide you with proper training.

  • Existing System Troubleshooting & Upgrading - If you have an existing security camera system that is not working, needs repair or needs upgrading, we can help with this.

  • View Your Security Cameras Remotely - We have specialized in systems with the best remote monitoring access for more than 15 years.

  • Commercial grade / High Quality Equipment - We do not use cheap unreliable equipment. We only install equipment that we are comfortable putting our name and warranty behind.

  • Long Term Technical Support & Customer Service You Can Trust! - Our customers satisfaction and repeat business speaks for itself.

Cloud Security Camera - Video Surveillance Installation - AZ Network Cabling - Phoenix Peoria Scottsdale Arizona

Centralized Management

View cameras from single or multiple locations via a single dashboard, simplifying management and streamlining review of your video evidence.

Video Security Analytics

Get more from your video security systems with these powerful video analytics available with our systems. They can help you save disk space, send intelligent alerts, provide email notifications and more.

NOTE: Some analytics only available in select products. Speak to your account manager for details.

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security-camera-installations-AZ Network Cabling - Phoenix Peoria Scottsdale Arizona
Business Analytics - security-camera-installations-AZ Network Cabling - Phoenix Peoria Scottsdale Arizona
Line Crossing Detection

Send alerts when objects or people cross a virtual fence with single- or bi-direction settings. You can receive push notifications to your mobile device whenever a pre-determined line has been crossed.

Business Analytics - security-camera-installations-AZ Network Cabling - Phoenix Peoria Scottsdale Arizona
Intrusion Detection

Recognizes and sends alerts when an object enters a designated area in the field of view.

AZ Network Cabling CCTV Solutions
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Business Analytics - security-camera-installations-AZ Network Cabling - Phoenix Peoria Scottsdale Arizona
Human & Vehicle Detection

Detects humans, motor vehicls and non-motor vehicles. *SmartSense cameras only. This makes retrieving footage a lot easier and saves valuable time.

Business Analytics - security-camera-installations-AZ Network Cabling - Phoenix Peoria Scottsdale Arizona
Face Detection

Identifies and captures when there is a human face present in the field of view. This feature increases security as you can focus on faces only and ignore everything else.

Live After Hours Video Monitoring
Pro-Active Crime Deterence

According to statistics businesses are 4X more likely to be burglarized than homes. More than 60% of burglaries are forced entry. And only 1 in 46 arrests are made in these incidents ...

AZ Network Cabling can offer you better protection than alarms alone. How? Three words: proactive crime deterrence.

Reactive camera systems can’t do anything but record the crime. Our live after-hours monitoring uses advanced technology like AI to not only detect, but deter crime. With voice-down security cameras that have a built-in microphone and speaker our live agents can analyze the situation and speak to any unwanted visitors and alert you via phone. 

Instead of a simple video feed, live video monitoring solutions focus on preventing criminal acts, vandalism or unauthorized access before they may even occur. 

With advanced video analytics and voice-down technology, our experienced and dedicated video analysts review live video feeds while initiating verbal warnings to provide real-time intervention before an incident escalates. 

Advanced camera analytics can detect vehicles and people and will alert our video analysts. With our cameras, you also have the capability of establishing highly detailed and customized security boundaries that ensure protection where you need it most.

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